Management Report on July 28th 2018

This week there were some important events, unfortunately the german Tagesschau does not report, and if so, it is very inaccurate.

On Thursday, around 600 invaders stormed the Spanish exclave Ceuta. Flame throwers and burnt lime were used, many security forces were injured.

For those who do not know: the Nazis used burnt lime. Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

According to eyewitness reports, burnt lime was distributed in the period of National Socialism, at least in the area of the transit ghetto Izbica on the floor of train cars, which transported victims of the Holocaust to the extermination camps. On contact with the wet human skin, it caused dangerous burns and burned the prisoner’s flesh.

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So that’s not fun, and it’s not expected that people who build and use flame throwers in Europe will be building paper planes for peace.

Der Spiegel reported late on these events, but absolutely downplaying and called these invaders even as „refugees“.

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According to rumor mill 50,000 of these noble savages still wait behind the fence and push to Europe.

In Cologne, a weapons ban was drawn for this weekend, meanwhile calls Mrs Reker to accommodate more „refugees“ on.

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I do not know how to match that. I would suffer from brainwashing.

By the way, Mrs. Reker was the one who was struck down by the election campaign, where the attacker had a „xenophobic motive“ and who, after New Year’s Eve, called the women to an arm’s length distance from attackers. Why did not she keep herself at arm’s length from her attacker?

Meanwhile somewhere in NRW:

Meanwhile, South Africa is increasingly down the drain. The Buuren are expropriated, pursued, beaten, kicked, not infrequently killed. Everyone in Germany gets asylum, but not those who need it. The farmers are now receiving thousands of asylum in Russia.

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In Europe, we have an acute Jewish loss to announce. As anti-Semitism does not diminish with the imported Mohammedans, it is simply too dangerous for many Jews. The Israeli state is aware of its security situation and tries to protect its citizens.

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Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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