In seven-league boots towards civil war

We come closer to him, the civil war. Every day, piece by piece.

In the Hambach Forest left-wing terrorists throw shit on our police. Also on offer: stones and Molotov cocktails. If you believe the german Tagesschau these are the peaceful „environmental activists“.

Tweets from the german police at Aachen:

The colleagues of the #Police #Aachen must protect themselves with such suits against Faeces grout. Various buckets have already been emptied from the tree houses and spread a violent stench. #HambacherForst

That goes too far: In the #HambacherForst a police vehicle was thrown out of the woods with two Molotov cocktails. Only with luck nobody was hurt. As a result, human lives are recklessly endangered. Distinguish yourself from violent actions. #Police #Aachen

And most important german television news show Tagesschau:
Hambacher Forst: activist has chained himself in hole

Under peacefully, I imagine something else. And under activist too.

The supreme constitutional protector Maassen is to be chased out of office. This has top priority, which displaces even the actual cause, namely the knife murder of Chemnitz to the beloved father Daniel H., from all headlines.

All talk shows are full of it. Next take the alleged attack – which almost 11 days later and despite presence of all media became known – on a Jewish restaurant as an opportunity to twist the facts.

Anyone who reads or reads MSM News thinks the „Nazis“ have taken apart the restaurant and then killed Daniel.

You can not imagine that.

All facts show the opposite picture as what is shown in the MSM.



Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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