Unstructured leadership

Let’s look at an old social order, as it always was and everywhere in the world:


At the top we have the spiritual elite or priest caste. These people have made all the decisions for society and set the plans for generations. What do we want to achieve, how do we want to achieve that and when do we want to achieve that. To this priest caste belong then for example the old Emperors or also the Pope. The entire priest caste were subordinate to them directly, these have influenced the underlying layers directly with their ideas – such as paradise. In fact, there was also direct power politics there. An important point was and is that the individual layers could also influence each other directly, giving the engineers direct access to the priesthood caste. It is also important that the actors were still under the slaves back then, journalists did not exist. What was there were historians who belonged to the technical elite.

And how does it look today?


Similar at first glance. At the bottom, benefit recipients of all kinds, above them the service providers, ie taxpayers. Then come the technical elites such as doctors, engineers, judges, professors and still historians. In contrast to the old social forms, this stratum has no direct access to the spiritual elite, it is cut off from it. And that’s an important point. About the technical elite we find the money aristocracy as well as the mediation layers consisting of actors and Journaille. These are our local elites. The money nobility no longer pays taxes but receives the money of the lower classes over interest, rents, dividends, etc. The actors and journalists have risen to the highest visible layer and consider themselves superior to the people. The actual spiritual guidance is invisible. We do not know who asks and answers the big questions for us. We always get only the current slogans of our agents pressed to the eye. Our politicians commute between the technical and the economic elite.

How do you manage to reshape and transform societies?


You do it like the old pharaohs. You lose a battle and make the war booty. Traditionally, the war booty also consists of people who then enter the receiving society as slaves. If you put it cleverly, you give out of your own priestly caste a large part of the slaves, who were previously excellently trained. As slaves, they are unsuspicious, they have nothing to report. These people are infinitely more educated than the entire host society, and are quickly gaining access to the adviser to the host society or local elite. And there they advise in favor of the sending local elite. They prepare decisions by creating a climate that makes decisions in the direction of the sending elite.

That’s the whole secret of structureless leadership. Someone advises another to their disadvantage and he does not notice it and does it.

If you do that often enough – this process has been going on for thousands of years – a global elite with absolute leadership, a global predictor, will automatically form. And that lets the local elites work in his favor.

Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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  1. The top of the pyramid „the unkown“ is like in the past the vatican (jesuits). So nothing really has changed.


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