In the pincer grip

In the last post, I described the levels at which the processes of controlling social societies run.

Now let’s look at the situation of German society, which can be taken as an example for the situation of Europe, but generally also for all whites as well as Japan and Korea.

But first of all a remark: if one uses the means of control to control one’s own social society, this is a control matrix. Using the same mechanisms to control a foreign social society, these are the levels of war. Every hot war has to be prepared because no one invades his neighbor for no reason.


I have shown this in chronological order, how the different levels of the control must start the respective processes, so that one has a war at the end.

Here again the five preparatory levels, a bit bigger, for better readability.


What does that mean specifically for Germany?

The image of man that prevails in Germany is only apparently that of a Kant. In truth, life has long since been distinguished from life’s worth, life is again man and the mob. If you do not want to be true, you may ask yourself, when was the last time you had a child living with Trisomy 21 in the neighborhood, why you need to collect returnable bottles as a retiree, as a newly arrived „refugee“ you do not even have to clean yourself.

The human image of Kant was a humanistic and rational, based on reality, connected to the factology. Such is a viable basis for a land of poets and thinkers. Now we have climate sinners, and that is a basis for nothing.

It looks sad in the schools. Although almost everyone has a high school diploma, the young people can not read and write properly, are driven by Mum to the university or are not ready for education. The entire development and education of the youth is in a scary state, with propaganda and agitation the children are afraid of the future because of „climate change“. The next Einstein will certainly not be able to mature in such an environment.

History takes place only in about 17 years – 12 years Hitler and the last five years emperor. Otherwise, everything happened by accident, nothing is related to nothing. But if the history of a people consists of exactly such phases, nothing before it, nothing after it, nothing in between – and if, then it has a purpose. And the purpose is guilt. We are guilty of everything. That is what the Church did with original sin. This is a successful concept and that’s why they do it now. The people become so defenseless, and the same people feels dishonorable.

Christianity has become obsolete, people no longer believe. But if they no longer believe in God, they believe in everything, including every nonsense. This is the perfect environment for multiculturalism: with the deep conviction that one is not worth anything, and all guilt is to get rid of original sin. The new one is the noble savage, much better than oneself. Or the climatology. All the studies say that plus one degree would be better for everyone, but Al Gore said „bad“ and he’s a prophet and needs to know better. And the holy Gretel too. And because we are all to blame anyway, then just because of climate change – regardless of whether it takes place at all. The main thing, you can afford a veritable indulgence.

In the meantime, morality cheerfully replaces the law, and so we experience an undermining of the rule of law on an unprecedented scale, above all because here one of the cradles of the same right stands for all. The police and military are disarmed and disempowered, the people defenseless. Because morality demands it.

In the economy it looks similarly sad. Thanks to the rule of morality over the law, existences of enterprises and people are mercilessly destroyed. Wrong opinion? Job away. You build cars? But they are so climate damaging! Away with it, with the whole industry. Electricity? Thanks to the rule of the stupid, that can get away too. In concrete terms, poured into laws.

This brings us to what can be the catalyst of a hot war: deindustrialization.

Germany has taken countless migrants from a hostile civilization. Mostly came young men who see Germans only as the garbage who have to pay for their own existence to the new men Dhimmi tax. What will happen if battle-hardened men wait for their taxes in the best weir age, but we can not pay them anymore?

And we will not be able to pay them anymore because we are destroying our industry and thus the economy. And without economy no money and therefore no payments to migrants.

But another fact makes sense again in this context: the shutdown of nuclear power plants. So far, I thought that was one of the chicanery of our Lady Chancellor, but when you think about it, there is exactly one scenario in which it makes sense.

Suppose that the Germans are to disappear from the earth and here Muslim Einstein with IQ of less than 90 are supposed to rule, who may quote the Koran but otherwise can neither read nor write. Atomic energy is a high technology, and indeed a very dangerous one. Who wants to see this in the hands of Ali Ben Juch Mamechmin? None.

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