Control and be controlled – levels and insight

We are all surrounded by processes that expire. Some we are in control, consciously or unconsciously, others we control, others do not concern us, but our environment.

In order to get a feel for the reality, it is important to recognize these processes at all. That alone is already an achievement.

All processes have a level at which they expire. It is important to understand that the processes used to control one’s own society are control processes, meaning the same processes applied to a foreign society that one is in a war with that society

  1. Level: the world view and philosophy
    Every person has a certain worldview. Anyone who manages to influence the world view influences the entire thinking, feeling and acting of a person. It determines the orientation of the person, because the human always wants to be „good“ – and the world view determines WHAT is good and WHAT bad.
    Processes that affect this level needs generations to penetrate, but are the most powerful in the world.
  2. Level: Chronology and Education
    The history, especially the mediated history, allows people to recognize connections. The founding of the German Reich enabled a strong economy in Germany, which led to a displacement of the British, which triggered the First World War, which led to the Treaty of Versaille wanted to contain the strong German economy, but led to WK II, the for the division of Europe, etc.
    About a generation is needed to completely reinterpret history as it happens today. No one recognizes the connection between 1871 and WK II anymore. Things that are still familiar to humans, who are today 60 or older are no longer present in the boys. Something like that leads to election results like last Sunday, when the Greens got 30% of the boys.
    Processes that intervene on this level prevent people from recognizing the alignment of processes because they lack context.
  3. Level: faith and ideology
    With processes at this level is screwed at the 1st level. Here the great shifts take place, in this level and above all religion belongs. What man believes or does not believe or believe. For belief is subordinate to the world view, but it influences.
    At this level, phenomena and processes take place, while phenomena such as Mary sighting or UFO sighting influence the Weltanschauung, and at this level, the difference between the process and the phenomenon becomes visible. The distinction is only possible if there is a consciousness on the 1st level
  4. Level: Economy
    Processes at this level can entail the economic destruction of individuals, companies and entire states.
    Here, the behavior is punished directly, who does not do what is expected, feels the consequences. Examples are Hartz IV, who does not get to the date does not get any money, or VW, who does not bring the desired exhaust result gets a sanction and Iran, who does not play as Trump wants to sell no more oil
  5. Level: genocide
    Unwanted peoples are blessed with abortion as women’s rights and SJW / LGBTQ, feminism, drugs or even „food additives“.
    At this level, the prevailing moral is recognizable. Societies that are healthy and want to protect themselves from such influences. As an example, here are the Andean peoples, among which there are some who constantly scramble through the mountains. A person who belongs to such a people and is then transplanted into a city becomes sick and inevitably fatigues. He can not stand the city food and can not compensate for the lack of exercise. Such a person is doomed to die early.
  6. Level: Weapons of Mass Destruction, Hot War
    Unfortunately, most people only recognize a war when it has reached this level. People are unable to recognize the previous phases and name what they are for: war
    Forcing peoples to adopt a way of life that is not their natural one means their downfall. Even if you do not throw a bomb, people still die like flies. And children who are not born can no longer serve their people. That’s a fact too.

At present, a campaign is being conducted in Europe at all levels at the same time. Europe is to be reformatted, it should be made space for other people, so must now live here away.

The processes that are going on now are powerful, and you have to be aware of that if you want to go against it. That’s why enlightenment is important. That’s why it’s important to write this.

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Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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