At least let’s talk about it

The MSM writes up the Green Party and they want to do everything for the climate. An alleged youth would protest for the preservation of their future livelihoods, but if one realizes the demands of these climate Marxists, a deindustrialized country will be left over.

And in a situation where you can not import enough boarders aka refugees. People who have never paid anything into the social system and will never pay, who take in the PKS inglorious first places and otherwise by very bad behavior and constant demands for more and more notice.

Furthermore, this state currently lives on a good 15 million net taxpayers who are not paid in one way or another by the state or social systems, such as doctors, police, garbage workers, etc. Of the 15 million in the next 10 years 7 Millions retire, with around 260,000 emigrating from them each year, and on average they are still 32 years old, missing for at least 35 years. In other words, in 10 years, that will be 5.4 million who are supposed to keep it all there and who can not do it anymore. Because their jobs are being dismantled – thank St. Gretel, if not for a long time the Stone Age will have broken because of electricity shortage and if they still reach the work at all. This is not safe, because bus and train runs less frequently because of the route closures and the cars should also be banned.

How does that work? How do you imagine that? Can anyone tell me that?

From a purely logical point of view, this will not work, not in the front, not in the back and not in the middle either. Who is able should see that he belongs to the 260,000 who emigrate.

This ends up in a planned disaster and the question is, what breaks away first. The electricity network or social benefits. We are exactly two meals separated from barbarism.

Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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