It’s time

Dear Sirs and Madames,

Today, you’ll learn why this blog (and many others) are named after a pseudonym. Why I also voluntarily cede the rights to my spiritual creation to the public and can not openly profess my own opinion.

Questioning the Chancellor: Do you want to deprive right-wing bloggers of fundamental rights? That at least suggested @ CDU Secretary @petertauber @BMVg_Bundeswehr.
@MarcoBuschmann @fdpbt therefore asks #AngelaMerkel:

Merkel’s answer is no. But that one has to ask her THAT makes you blink absolutely deeply

Meanwhile, people who have a clear, conservative attitude and opinion want to deprive the civil rights.

Everyone, without exception, everyone who is not

  • Mass migration is super
  • worshiping Islam and calling it tolerance
  • LGBTQ also pays homage and that also calls tolerance
  • Sharia agrees
  • considers the Basic Law to be dispensable
  • our money system (Euro) is fabulous
  • Trump does not consider a complete idiot

is spanked as NAZI. Really everybody. This fine Mr. Tauber is from the CDU and wants to deliver his own people to the knife, namely, those of the Union of Values

People like me should not be allowed to vote anymore when it comes to Peter Tauber from the CDU.

What’s next? Historically, ie the 3rd Reich (Germany 33 – 45) and the GDR, at first the electoral law was lost and then one could no longer live and work. If you already lived, you could stay, but new apartment? Absolutely bad for you now, sorry, you understand? Immediately thereafter already professional ban, exclusion from professional organizations. So you as a Jew can not be a member of the Medical Council here, you understand that, right? What? You want to be a cultural worker in our beautiful GDR? You? Wolf Biermann? Unfortunately this is not possible…

And then? House arrest? Next camp?

I realize that they will eventually pick me up and lock me up. The speed surprised me then.


Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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3 Antworten zu It’s time

  1. eah schreibt:

    I don’t have my own website or blog or at the moment any kind of social media account; if I did, and wanted to comment on social/political issues, I think I would use my own name — it is time for more people to do that — time to show they are not afraid because what they are doing is not wrong.

    I include a link to my LinkedIn profile so that I am not, at least for this comment, ‚anonymous‘.


    • osthollandia schreibt:

      You are welcome, anon


      • eah schreibt:

        I’m not sure what you are trying to say with your reply — ?

        But of course I fully understand why people wish to remain anonymous, and that ought to always be possible — it is more important to publish intelligent dissent than to do that using your own name — most important is to continue to expose what frauds the ‚conservative‘ Altparteien have become: little more than enablers of the totalitarian left.

        Letztendlich it was a nominally ‚conservative‘ CDU Kanzlerin (Merkel) who suspended Dublin and let in all of those Africans and muslims — not to mention the very existence of the GroKo — one of these two parties should always be in the opposition — but honestly most Germans are too dumb to see this — Germans have focused intelligence, but often fail to see the bigger picture, i.e. that their country has become a uniparty socialist state that is only mal mehr, mal weniger grün.


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