Management Report June 19th, 2018

The weekend was a government crisis. As usual, Seehofer became a „Turninghofer“ [that rhymes in German and its funny] (1), the media covered themselves with Merkel cheers. The real intriguing female detractors, Annegret Kamp-Karrenbauer and Angela Merkel duck away, point the finger to Seehofer, most of the press approve, to one (2).

A glimmer of hope: a tweet from Trump, obviously it has now even sloshed across the pond that it does not just run around here. Again Trump-bashing would have lied, wrong statistics, the full program (3).

Meanwhile, always come out more dirty things, such as people with entry ban may enter. Is it possible to drive without a driver’s license?

A European solution is now forth, one hopes in the Merkel camp on Dublin IV, then would the assertion of a relationship with someone who lives here enough to come here. But that should not be checked, not even if the alleged relatives exist at all. (4)

But whether this can be done with the Italians and with Macron, the Danes and the Swedes, remains another question, probably not with the Visegrad countries.

Strange is the targeted random trip of the Aquarius, which allegedly took shipwrecked in the Mediterranean, but not – as the law of the sea provides – brings to the nearest safe haven, because he would have been on the coast of Africa. As usual, they wanted to complete their tug service in Italy, which had worked wonderfully the last few years, but the Conte coughed them up – all ports tight. So they took the people 1,500 km to Spain, where they landed. The so exhausted danced when they entered European soil. (5)

The invasion continues, the dead can no longer be counted. (6)

The right-hand bend continues, who is Muslim can rape, do as he pleases, because you get an acquittal (7).

And who still thinks that Merkel brings anything good for the country, then I can not help anymore.





6 vom 18. Juni in Bersinghausen hier – vom 11. Juni in Viersen hier – vom 7. Juni in Wiesbaden hier 



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