Merkel is a devil

I am a Christian believer, the reader should know that. The devil is to me the God-be-with-me, the worst of the evil, the worst of all times.

Merkel is a devil to me.

She turns everything upside down. Bend the right at will or at the same time abolish it completely, twist the truth, lie and cheat. Closed behind her the riff-raff, which is either SPD, green and / or journalist.

The CDU is completely without balls, the CSU a shadow of itself, the FDP to blow hot and cold, from the left only Sarah Wagenknecht with rest understanding. Only the AfD occasionally thinks of the people and not just of their own wallet, if only because they want to be reelected.

But, money is falling from the sky, nothing is taken away. Let’s calculate, no super salary, tax code IV, no children for the deduction:

 monthly  year
Gross salary of the employee  3.500,00 €  42.000,00 €
Tax burden of the employee
 Solidarity surcharge:  30,52 €  366,24 €
 Tax for church:  49,95 €  599,40 €
 Tax for Employment:  555,00 €  6.660,00 €
 Total tax employee  635,47 €  7.625,64 €
Social contributions employee
Pension insurance:  325,50 €  3.906,00 €
Unemployment insurance:  52,50 €  630,00 €
Health insurance:  294,00 €  3.528,00 €
Long-term care insurance:  53,38 €  640,50 €
Total of social security contributions  725,38 €  8.704,50 €
 Net income employee  2.139,16 €  25.669,86 €
Social contributions employer
Pension insurance:  325,50 €  3.906,00 €
Unemployment insurance:  52,50 €  630,00 €
Health insurance:  255,50 €  3.066,00 €
Long-term care insurance:  44,63 €  535,50 €
Total social contributions employer  678,13 €  8.137,50 €
Total burden on employers  4.178,13 €  50.137,50 €
The employee arrives: 51,2 %

And then there are the consumption taxes on top of it, so car tax, energy tax, fuel tax, VAT …

The distribution of the tax revenue can be read here:

In other words, almost 25%, will be left for free use. 75% are gone, in the hands of Father State. Be it on social security contributions or on taxes – away is gone anyway.

This fits in with my earlier calculations that a productive human needs to feed about four more. And if you throw a lot of boarders on top of that …

We are being exploited. From this devil.

The only reason why a state even exists is that it should serve us as a form of organization for citizens. He does not. There is no money for pensions, none for the fire brigade, none for the police, we have no money for care, not enough for the Bundeswehr (our army) in usable condition, not for schools, roads, hospitals. It is not even enough for daycare for all, where at least the children can all learn the german language.

The state serves, but the wrong one. He serves the exploiters and devils. The Anetta Kahanes of this world, the SJWs, the Koran associations, the asylum seekers, the hotel operators for asylum seekers or in short: the asylum industry, the wind farm operators, gender studies, etc.

Every day you learn first hand, hear or read from the body of others, how these immigrants murder our children, optionally also murder their own women and children and you learn the ridicule of the rulers, especially the Greens and the Chancellor.

A police chief at WDR 5 in the morning echo telled, that it was possible that a Tunisian from Chorweiler had planned an attack.

What you already knew was, Violation of the War Weapons Control Act (Rizin is a BIO weapon because highly toxic), ingredients for explosives, ingredients for shrapnel. How much was two plus two? Four? You know, every dork knows that. This police chief must be a kind of rocket-scientist!

People can no longer be said, but German people are not thrice the same. Not even national team. You can not hoist the flag anymore. That’s all Nazi.

This woman, Angela Merkel, is a devil and she has to go.

#Drehhofer, take over! If you have any residual honor, chase the old woman back to hell, where she came from.



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Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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