Reported reality vs. experienced reality

Currently, I turn on the radio, open the newspaper or get lost in Spiegel-Online, accidentally go into the MSM „Tagesschau“, and each time I think, „What? What are they reporting? Huh?“

Let’s take the elections. Let’s start with Hessen. Since results were estimated, stack confused and whole votes pile exchanged for parties, others „forgotten“. This is such an incredibly scandalous process, the election leader is immediately hunted with shame and disgrace from the court. What reports the press: there had been a „Election breakdown“ (1). Sure. Election breakdown. Was there in the GDR last 1989, that was probably also an „Election breakdown“ (2).

Or the midterms in the USA. Normally this is not reported here, at most in the subordinate clause. But this time Trump-Bashing from all pipes. He had lost and it might come to impeachment, it was heard from the radio, and also the bad would have been to a journalist, he had „just so“ removed and I had to laugh because I rarely such a fact-free nonsense have heard. (3).

It is reality that Trump has gotten the best result of a president in the last 105 years. (4) Regarding the allegations about the journalist, one has to say that he has already lost the word and has not given the microphone – this behavior is not right (5). But here is worth the comparison with local customs, only recently there was an incident with a Turkish journalist, which has been led away and will now expel to Turkey, there is no outcry of so-called colleagues (6).

And then there was the migration pact. That would not be binding, so the government knows, so you could sign the quiet. Because if you do not sign this, that would be our downfall and also have already been implemented so long ago (7).

Logic Rule for Dummies: Something is not its opposite. Either it is not binding, then it has no consequences whether to sign or not, or it is binding, and then it is relevant whether to sign or not. You can not do both at the same time.

The fact is, it is only thanks to the AfD that the Bundestag was even allowed to deal with it, because the original plans meant that our government would simply pass the parliament. The way in which the ladies and gentlemen parliamentarians then performed, however, leaves me to open my mouth. This is not at all, especially the lady from the SPD from Aachen actually needs a warning! (8)–wie-die-parteien-der-us-praesidenten-bislang-abgeschnitten-haben–8434956.html

5 Press conference Trump, start 34:18 to 36:50

6 Press conference Erdogan/Merkel and and


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5 Antworten zu Reported reality vs. experienced reality

  1. Karl-H. Konrad schreibt:

    Werte Hollandia,
    ich sehe jeden Tag auf deinem Blog nach ob es deinerseits etwas am aktuellen Zeitgeschehen etwas zu kritisieren gibt. Aber du schweigst, wie der alte Mann. Hast du resigniert oder bist du sonst total frustriert? Hast du nichts mehr zum aktuellen Zeitgeschehen zu sagen? Wenn die kritischen Geister verstummen, wird es dunkel in diesem unserem Lande.
    Hau drauf, auch wenns schwer fällt.
    Grüße, Konni


  2. Wolfgang Oedingen schreibt:

    Many thanks for the answer. I think I will still learn a lot of English in this way. All the best to you.
    Best greetings to the Twitter-friends.
    Sincerely yours
    W. Oedingenp


  3. Wolfgang Oedingen schreibt:

    What’s happening? Is there a special reason for writing English? I guess you want to practice your English because you have planned your emigration, didn’t you?


    • osthollandia schreibt:

      no, that’s not the reason. But since I actively use my Twitter account, about half of the readers of this blog are from the UK and USA.
      If I were blogging in foreign languages to practice the language of the destination country, I would have to blog Portuguese.
      Best regards


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