Read from an article, what is NOT in it

We read an x-arbitrary article from any sheet on what is not in it.

Input at Google was „Freibad Rheinland“

He was the first contributor who did not bring the opening hours here:

More security for visitors:
Security forces for the Düsseldorfer Rheinbad

Go ahead, that’s just the headline headline. What one wonders, why are the bathers uncertain, and that in the state capital. But let’s continue.

The Rheinbad will be guarded by security forces for the first time next weekend. Expected to have four professional security forces on Saturday and Sunday at the box office. In addition, the Municipal Order and Service (OSD) will guard the bathroom. This is the most important result of a short-term security summit of city and police, which was scheduled for Thursday in the city hall. „We want the visitors to feel safe,“ said city director Burkhard Hintzsche, who had invited to the meeting.

So you have to assign security and call the public order office, even holds a security summit. Why is it not clear here – but there must be an urgent reason, no one else holds a summit. Let’s read the next section.

The swimming pool next to the Merkur Spiel Arena had been cleared by the police on both days of last weekend. Hundreds of youngsters had previously surrounded a family man on Saturday, and the first arriving police patrol was aggressively attacked. As the FDP’s request to the Council announced, a regular guest warned the Bedouins that the youth were planning to attack them. They then withdrew into the building, the youth stormed the unguarded diving tower. On Sunday afternoon, the mood threatened to tip again, after apparently many of the young people from the previous day had come back.

The bathroom had to be cleared so, hundreds (!) Young people had surrounded a family, and one that was there with a stalwart father. In addition, the so-called adolescents planned an attack on the lifeguards.

In the past, the lifeguards had the same authority as the teacher, the pastor, the policeman. No one my age has ever heard of an attack on a lifeguard, no one. Something like this has never happened before. And the police used to be guests at the outdoor pool, but to catch us. We, who had climbed over the fence of the open-air pool on warm summer evenings and still planked after work. In the dark. Without a lifeguard. And without clothes, only in the panties, topless. Since we were 16 to 21, so young, beautiful and controlled by hormones. And our village police caught us, we were allowed to walk naked through the village where the policeman handed us over to the dean. At that time, the church was still responsible for something like that, not the parents, not the police. Ours then had to appear in the fair named by the dean and then there was a sermon! Holy cow! But an attack on the policeman, on our Mr. Dechant, on the lifeguard?

No, it just did not exist. But good, continue in the text

The events have brought Dusseldorf nationwide in the focus – and also the local politicians unsettled. In the city council there were on Thursday four requests from current cause. In the evening Hintzsche then announced the results of the meeting of offices and police, which coincided with the Council meeting.

The event, the threat of a family man and the lifeguard, was nationwide in the coverage.

According to Hintzsche, the spa company wants to continue its „zero tolerance course“ against disturbers. If you notice negatively, should receive a house ban. With only seven teenagers, this happened on the weekend, also because the police barely received any personal data. Hintzsche announces that further steps will be considered. This includes the question of whether an intake stop would be useful. Employees of the youth welfare office, integration office and OSD also want to check whether adolescents should be addressed as preventative in the bathroom. The Integration Office was involved in the meeting because many young people had a migration background.

OK, this is the first time plain language. Young people with a migration background.

Whether the security service is permanently active and also in other Dusseldorf baths has not yet been decided. The participants apparently wanted to set a sign. For additional pressure to act rumors that young people for the coming Saturday to disturb the Rheinbad to arrange. On Facebook, an alleged call circulated under the title „Project X“. The state security examines the process. Given the high level of attention to the topic, it could also be a fake.

So these immigrant youngsters are supposed to have agreed to continue to threaten normal people, the whole thing as „Project X“. Even the state protection determined.

Since you have to ask yourself, what are these for young people, what that should be for a migrant background, if the state protection has to determine. So be it, go on

In the debate in the city council, there was a consensus that the events should not be repeated. CDU, FDP, animal welfare / free voters and Republicans had demanded information. Dramatic words were Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP). She lamented „rioting“ of aggressive young people in the old town, at the main station or on playgrounds. „It’s enough for us.“ It is not acceptable that peaceful bathing visitors stay home terrified. Peter Blumenrath (CDU) also demanded consequences. „Whoever does not behave in the baths, should not come in there.“

The incidents were so bad that they can not repeat themselves. Incidents that have caused adolescent migrants. So bad that the state protection determined.

Martin Volkenrath (SPD) was also horrified by the events, but defended the police operation. It was difficult to pick up the personal details of hundreds of teenagers in bathing suits. Volkenrath praised that the police prevented that there were injuries or another escalation. The police themselves had rated their mission as a complete success for these reasons.

The responsible people set the right signal for the Rheinbad, writes our editor Arne Lieb in his commentary.

We summarize:

  • several hundred teenagers set out on a single family man
  • the father was able to fight back
  • The police arrived, but had to close the bathroom
  • the event was so powerful that it was reported
  • because it was reported, they held a security summit

Which father is today able to defend? Who is able to keep hundreds of young men in check?

Björn-Arne, the father of Justin-Pasquale and Michelle-Jaqueline, the „boy-friend“ of Mandy?

Or Emre, the husband of Yasemin, the father of Mohammed and Effsa?

Which „immigrant youth“ manage to keep the police completely in check?

Yes exactly. And that’s the way to think.

And so that the lesson is really learned, here the article of Hürriyet in German:

Where again in the article find code words, e.g. „Men“. Hürriyet also writes in plain language:

A bather with Turkish roots, who was on-site bathing with his family of four, evidently disliked the sensational recklessness and verbally voiced his displeasure. Whether it due to the language barrier between the man with suspected Turkish roots (according to police information) and the counterpart with according to witnesses North African roots to understanding problems in the settlement of the dispute will be the subject of police investigation, as the police said. Among the teenagers who were arguing with the family father, more and more young people with possibly North African background came into the scene and a massive threat situation arose for the four-member Turkish family, but remained on the verbal level and slight shuffling until the police arrived.

So the defensive father is identified as a Turk, the youth as North Africans.

Hundreds of Nafris have thus threatened a Turkish family, and later also the orderly bathing attendant. And the German police will not master that, which is why the policy was turned on.

And that is in the article of the Rheinische Post.

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Eine Antwort zu Read from an article, what is NOT in it

  1. Eric Hilf schreibt:

    At this point everyone can „read between the lines“ of these stories — they know who the people are who are causing all the trouble in Schwimmbäder — which makes the efforts of the Lügenpresse to hide this all the more pathetic.

    Saw a recent video interview of Thilo Sarrazin where at the end he was asked about his view of the Aussichten für Deutschland — he said that he does not think the „powers that be“ will recognize or admit the problem soon enough to change course and stop the developing demographic disaster — I think he is right.


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