Merkel trembles to the end

Merkel is shaking. Shown are the 3 Zitteranfälle from this year, only 2 when playing the national anthem, known are at least 2 more from 2014, of which there are probably no videos.

I have no idea what causes the shaking. I’m not a doctor, but it’s not normal. And actually I do not care that much. But I have to be intrested in that.

And improperly it is related that Merkel will sooner or later resign.

There was a time when I was looking forward to the resignation. Then I thought, the woman is gone, come the sensible, problem solved.

Today I realize that in recent years, it has built a system in which the idiots and the incompetent are the ones on which they base their power. Everything that is reasonable and capable was bitten away. Only Ursula von der Leyen, currently Minister of Defense, should now become EU Commission President … Was not there a worse one?

This woman was completely incompetent as a family minister! She can not do anything, she does not know anything and the only thing she does is to make consultancy contracts, preferably with the company where Son works (1). The Bundeswehr is ruined. Emphasis is on maternity fashions for front women (2), but sometimes among us, a woman who is very pregnant, sends no one to the front to fight? In my view, the focus would have been e.g. On assault rifles that may need to shoot straight ahead (3), possibly also on planes that fly (4) or tanks that drive (5). Of the submarines that do not dive (6) we better not talk. The main thing was, old Chancellor Schmidt was scolded as a Nazi (in Wehrmacht uniform, 7) and his picture was dependet.

So someone should get an important office in the EU, because the proportional representation gives it and Merkel wants no able in the environment?

What does that mean for us, if Merkel really can not and someone has to carry this lady away?

This means that the designated successor will be a one-eyed blind man when, in the best case, he is from the CDU. In the worst case, there are new elections and Habeck is pushed by the media on – then we would have the eco-dictatorship, ie DDR 2.0 (8)

All links retrieved on 07/14/.2019

Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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