Who needs freedom of expression?

Me. And besides me? Anyone who has his own opinion, and that is the least.

Most people take their opinion, 90% or more from the MSM. So from the Washington Post, the BBC news, from the USA-Today or the counterpart from Cologne, from the Times, from the London Times etc., etc.

Here is an article from 2014 by the network women describing the ownership of mainstream media: https://netzfrauen.org/2014/10/08/teil-2-wer-duherrscht-die-medien-zeit- star-mirror-focus-who-heard-to-whom /, retrieved on 10.11.2017

Press freedom uses only what, if you also have a free press, which also thanks NetzDG is less and less.

Almost all of us have nudging, as explained by Prof. Mausfeld (and what I have often recommended here), driven by a more or less uniform propaganda front. Since the opinion is given and usually taken over.

If you have your own opinion, you will inevitably meet someone who has a different opinion. This is normal, is called expression pluralism and is the basis of our democracy.

Those who belong to the 10% who do not submit to the opinion dictates of the MSM or submit, you need inevitably other, alternative sources of information.

Some of these sources can be found on Youtube, such as the Weltraumaffen, Hagen Grell, Oliver Janich – and very important, virtually the mother of all alternatives in german speaking Youtube – NuoViso.

One may think of NuoViso as one wants. For many films and talk formats you think „oh oh, you should have kept your thin foil hat“ but many others are very good sources, well researched and well prepared. Just remember films like „Ramstein, the last fight“ or interviews with Daniele Ganser.

It also distinguishes an alternative platform, that even those come to speak, which one takes oneself only conditionally seriously and also with topics, with which one is not present.

Now NuoViso uploaded a documentary on Youtube 3 days ago, in which the NuoViso journalist Norbert Fleischer spoke to the UN, the topic was the war in Yemen and the German participation in it.

One day later, the entire channel was deleted with all content.

Youtube is a monopolist and belongs to Google and thus clearly the local US elites, ie the Deep State. Youtube is subject to US commercial law and that means that they can just change the terms and conditions and thus the business basis.

The arbitrariness is opened the door.

If someone uploads something that does not suit someone, it will be deleted. Just because. Puff, gone. It has nothing to do with freedom of expression, the right to inform, the right to express one’s opinion.

What’s next?

Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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