Where will we go?

We always go different ways.

While the Eastern bloc around Russia is doing well, and the US with Trump too, it looks gloomy in Europe, especially in France and Germany.

Oh, the GDR would not have emancipated from the USSR! After all, they would not have chosen Lothar de Maiziere as Kohl’s substitute if they had not fallen for the lies they had never cursed!

But all complaints do not help, especially not in hindsight.

The rumor mill reports that it was decided at the current Bilderberg conference that „quietly“ five million invaders want to settle on the territory of the former GDR.

Still means in this context, without people who applaud the arrival of the invaders at the station and throw them with teddy bears.

This will never go off without blood, because the East Germans are more defensive than we West Germans. We were trained to grumble and protest against the invaders since the 1960s, we were told that one must practice tolerance.

Not so the East Germans. You can blame the Soviets a lot and quite rightly most of it. But the cultural identity they have always respected. Therefore, the East Germans are the German Germans

I do not even have a German identity, I do not even know what that is. I am Rhinelander, Gelderlander, to be exact. I know what it’s like to always have two kinds of money in my pocket. The King of Holland interests me more than the President. Amsterdam is 450 km, Berlin 650 km.

Of course I know that I’m German. Otherwise would be in my passport „property of the king“ – but on my personal ID card.

But what does that mean, even if the king decides to smuggle 5 million to central Germany?

Civil war. Nothing different. Nobody can entertain this additional 5 million. Already, the outdoor pools close earlier because certain groups believe that the law does not apply to them. And because they do what they do with impunity, the assessment is also correct. These groups are now rushing to defensive Germans, a different expression can not be used there.

And what does that mean?

This means that all efforts to launch a 3rd World War have failed. That’s why it should now be a civil war in Europe.

The global predictor needs a reset, as do the US local elites. The reset is needed because the debt money system has come to an end. Everything that is currently being borrowed serves just the interest. Part of the interest is already negative. You will no longer be rich by interest.

In the last 150 years, the reset button has been pressed after about 60 years. Then there was the First World War, then the WKII. Everything for the same goal. Reset – people should not realize why, so a war was advanced.

That is the reason why for years in the Middle East is zundelt. Only this time without success. The GP does not want this war, it is very clear that he too can not survive it. The US local elites, Deep State thinks he could win such a war and outdo the GP.

The Deep State did not understand anything.

As a substitute scenario, both a failure of the euro, because that fails Germany. And fails Germany, then the euro fails.

So people, buy combs, there are lousy times.

Über osthollandia

Ich bin die Tochter von Engelbert.
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