How to recognize the right / left shift of the mainstream?

You can measure that. The instrument for this is called Overton window and was developed by a Mr. Joseph Overton.

With the help of this tool, one can measure social acceptance of ideas.


You can now take any statement / theory and use the scale to decide how far the idea is accepted or not and you can determine whether the opinion corridor has shifted or not.

I am German and can best prove this with German examples. We therefore take a statement from our Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel from the year 2010 (1) and compare it with the statement by the former district mayor of Neukölln in Berlin, Heinz Buschkowski from the year 2017 (2):
„Multicultural failed, absolutely failed“


We see: there has been a violent shift to the left. A statement that was made in 2010 by the Chancellor and thus at least could be classified as „Popular“ is 7 years later almost Hitler and some wanted to throw a renowned man from the SPD.

In addition to this shift, however, we are dealing with additional Overton windows today, and double standards have also developed. If two do the same thing, it’s not the same anymore.

Take the imaginary statement „Gay stone to death is ok“. This is absolutely common state policy in countries such as Brunei (3), 1938 would have been viewed in Nazi Germany is not really wrong, stoning to death would probably have been perceived as old fashioned (4). For Germans in Germany, however, this is unthinkable, from 2001 we had a kind of „marriage light“ for gays and lesbians (5), recently they can marry as normal. However, since we have imported a large number of people from countries like Brunei since 2015 and have brought their mentality, it shifts again, this time depending on who says it.


And this can be done piece by piece with any thesis. You check, how was rated a little earlier, how is something rated today, are there differences, depending on who made the statement.

It will be noted that calls for violence against particular groups are again up-to-date, when „leftists“ do so, resisting such attacks Hitler is, just as if German citizens generally oppose immigrant violence.

In the same way it will be noted that the abolition of freedom of expression is now state policy (see NetzDG, etc.), the restriction of the exercise of suffrage is celebrated as a sensible thought and the throbbing of the bill of rights is referred to as radically „right“.

All links retrieved on 7/21/2019

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